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Report a lost or damaged bin, or make a change to the bin or box you have at your home

Using our service below, you can: 

  • Report a lost or damaged bin, or glass recycling box
  • Request an extra recycling bin or glass recycling box
  • Swap your recycling bin for a larger or smaller one
  • Ask us to collect an unwanted bin or box

Rubbish bins

We issue 240-litre rubbish bins as standard and all new and replacement bins are this size. Please use our rubbish bin swap form if you’d like to swap your small (140 litre) rubbish bin to our standard size.

Recycling bins

There are three different sizes of recycling bin, so if you regularly have extra recycling and feel that your bin is not big enough, you can order a larger one from us below. 

You will need

  • Your address
  • Contact details
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